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Sabella Voice Studios offers a series of classes dedicated to helping you round out all of your theater skills and manage the complexities (and stress) of a life in show business - including dance, yoga, acting and group appearances at open-mic nights throughout the city. → Learn More


Not in NYC? On tour with a show and need a vocal tune-up? No problem.  SVS is a leader in online delivery of professional voice and acting instruction. Now, whether you are on tour with your current show and can't get back to NYC, or just live too far away to travel here, you can study with a professional Broadway coach. →Learn More


We offer professional referrals to New York’s leading Agents, Casting Directors, Stage Directors, Music Directors and Head-Shot Photographers for clients who are professionally ready. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their personal, professional and performance goals.

Sing as you want, not just as you can!

No matter what style you sing, or want to sing, Sabella Voice Studio can help you achieve your vocal, performance, and career goals.
We specialize in professional voice training for Musical Theater, Contemporary Pop/Rock and Classical performance. 

David Sabella is a nationally recognized Master Teacher in Voice Techniques and Pedagogy. He has starred on Broadway, and in Opera productions throughout the US & Europe, and has appeared as principle soloist at both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center numerous times. He is the Executive Program Director of The Broadway Theatre Project and a two-term President of The New York Singing Teachers' Association (2008-14). He is also a Professor of Voice at Montclair State University and Fordham University (Lincoln Center Campus).

In addition to private sessions with Mr. Sabella, SVS also offers a highly specialized team of associate teachers, in both voice and acting, who work in tandem with Mr. Sabella to ensure each client reaches their full potential.





David Sabella Students looking for a short term sublet, six months, this would be a good one for you.
20 Feb 2017 - 15:46
David Sabella Please take a look at my latest Vocal Tip Time.
Vocal Tip Time!
09 Jan 2017 - 23:48
Jennie Litt The amazing thing is that this is true in all the arts--all the techniques across all the disciplines are just modalities for communicating what is real, true, and authentic about our shared human experience, and the better your technique, the more tools you have for communicating with greater precision and nuance. 10 Jan 2017 - 09:25 Eleonor England This was so amazing and beautiful, David. Your humanity is profound. <3 19 Feb 2017 - 23:20
David Sabella And as if my last post wasn't enough, it's actually my birthday! So come out and help me celebrate my birthday!
COME HELP ME CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY! 🎉 Feb 26 @ 4pm, at the Metropolitan Room! Yes, it's my show "Loopin The Loop..." BUT it's ALSO my BIRTHDAY and we are going to PARTY. There'll be CAKE!
19 Feb 2017 - 22:59
David Sabella Hey folks, here's a not so gentle reminder that your beloved teacher is performing next Sunday. I would be very honored to have you all in the audience. I have a special discount code, "Jazz20", that you can use for $10 off. I do hope you can come, especially if you have not seen this show before. I do think it's important that when your voice teacher is actually performing professionally that all effort should be made to see the performance. I know that I always love seeing my voice teacher in her performances, and I always learned a lot, even seeing the same performance more than once. Thanks so much again for your support.
NEXT WEEKEND!!! - "Loopin The Loop" at the Metropolitan Room, Sunday, Feb 26 @ 4pm.
19 Feb 2017 - 22:58
David Sabella Dear Sabella Voice Studio Clients, This is just a reminder of the inclement weather policy: · NYC (On Site) - When/If New York City suspends the public school system or public transportation, then all NYC On-Site sessions can be cancelled without notice or penalty. However, if you can come to your lesson, you're more than welcome to have your lesson. Please just let me know if you plan on coming or not. All on-site lessons can be transferred to online lessons as well, please see below. · Online Sessions - Remain as scheduled unless there is a power outage for either the client or instructor. If power remains but inclement weather disrupts the VoIP transmission of an online session, then the sessions is cancelled without penalty. · Transfer to Online - In the event of inclement weather and or a school closure ALL SCHEDULED ON-SITE sessions can be delivered online, if possible. Please let me know if you wish to meet online. · School Delays – School Delays may or may not affect the studio schedule. Email David for details.
08 Feb 2017 - 22:36
David Sabella New York City schools are closed tomorrow due to the inclement weather. As per the inclement weather policy if you can get to your lesson, you are welcome to come. Additionally, if you would like to move your lesson to an online format you're welcome to do that as well. Please let me know by text or email what you plan to do. Thank you so much.
08 Feb 2017 - 22:31
David Sabella #chicago via
25 Jan 2017 - 07:18
David Sabella AVAILABLE TIME IN NYC! Hi again, I do have some limited time available in New York City as well. There is time on Friday afternoons and one or two hours on Wednesday or Thursday. There's also some time available every other Saturday. If you'd like to schedule a lesson please email me or visit the website. Thanks.
20 Jan 2017 - 23:07
David Sabella AVAILABLE TIME IN NJ! Hi guys, I wanted to let you know that I do have some hours available in the Bloomfield New Jersey studio. I can see people in Bloomfield on Mondays and Tuesdays at 4 PM 5 PM or 6 PM. This is a new development, and while it's not available every single week, it is available on most weeks. So, if you'd like to schedule some time and have not been able to get in recently in New Jersey, here's your chance. I hope to see some of you in New Jersey very soon. Thank you.
20 Jan 2017 - 23:06
David Sabella Get your tickets now folks. One performance only! #celebrity via
06 Jan 2017 - 14:51
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Tonya Dixon I am not missing it this time! Rick he Kenn and I am there! Buying tix now! Wait how do I buy tix!? Lol! Text me!❤️ 06 Jan 2017 - 15:08
Tonya Dixon Never mind... prolly the links above right.🤓🤓🤓 06 Jan 2017 - 15:08 Tonya Dixon Done! Dane and I are there! ❤️ 06 Jan 2017 - 15:13
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